About the POLDER Federated Search App

This is a customizable federated search website, originally developed by the World Data System International Technology Office between 2021 and 2023, in response to needs identified by the POLDER Working Group. The intentions behind creating it are to have something that came from, and is meant to serve, an international community of polar (Arctic and Antarctic) researchers. We hope to build an easy to use, fast, accessible site that is tailored to this specific community and responds to its needs.

Find out more by reading the documentation book or exploring the GitHub repository.

If you'd like to send us questions or comments directly, you are welcome to email us.

Covered data repositories

There are two ways a repository is included in searches that are made from this application- if the repository is indexed by DataONE (and has data within the search parameters), and if the repository is indexed by the app itself.

DataONE Repositories

There are many DataONE repositories, but of particular interest to the polar research community are:

Repositories indexed by this app:

Special Thanks

The production and development environments are currently hosted by DataONE, who are graciously providing computing infrastructure and support.